Everyone around the world is doing their version of the Running Man and now staff and family from a Northland pub have put their best foot forward.

The Running Man challenge has swept the world and was started by New Zealand's police department in a hilarious attempt to attract more recruits to the force using the short but sweet dance video.

New Zealand Police Recruitment Organisation posted the original video which has since been viewed more than 7 million times. Since then officers, sportspeople and emergency service workers from around the world have been performing their own version of the Running Man dance move to Ghost Town DJs' track My Boo.

The New York Police Department and Scottish officers issued their own versions, followed by New South Wales police, after being nominated by the New Zealand police. Not to be outdone, the manager at the Three Furlongs Bar and Grill in Kaiwaka, Kyle Underwood, thought he and his team could groove to the beat with the best of them and put together the minute-long clip and posted it on their Facebook page.


"I'm not the most co-ordinated so I'm doing some rock and roll moves known as the mashed potato. Some of them are pretty good though," Mr Underwood said.

He said it took four takes before they were satisfied with the final version.

Mr Underwood challenged other Northland organisations, whether they were emergency services or sports groups, to do their own Running Man take and post it online.