Designing a motorised car and racing it around your local track is a dream for many car enthusiasts, but for the 60 high school teams taking part in the EVolocity National Finals, that dream is about to become reality.

For the first time since its creation, the EVolocity National Finals will be held in the North Island this weekend with high school teams descending on Kartsport Hamilton - opposite Hamilton airport - for the big event.

More than 500 teams from secondary schools competed this year to design, build then race their own electric vehicles. From electric bikes, to four wheeled carts, out of the 500, 60 will compete in this weekend's final, which followed the regional heats that have just taken place across the country.

The teams have worked with polytechs and universities to create their inventions, which have included electric bikes, trikes, four wheel carts, and for the first time an electric monowheel.


EVolocity is a STEM programme run throughout colleges in Aotearoa that works around building the next generation of e-vehicle engineers and focusing on environmental sustainability.

EVolocity has been running for five years; it started with just a few teams in Christchurch, and now involves schools from as far south as Otago, all the way up into Auckland, with the Waikato having a strong showing of teams this year, and an increased number of female participants.

Evolocity National Finals, Sunday November 24, 9am to 4.30pm at Kartsport Hamilton. 60 teams of high school students compete to see who has designed and built the best electric vehicle. The public are welcome to come along and watch the action.