Tracey Jarman loves working with native timber and now she's following her passion.

Jarman and business partner Amy Searle have opened Vision in Victoria Ave, selling work by local artists and crafters.

"It's uniquely Whanganui," Jarman said.

"It's really nice to be able to support local artists."


The shop includes work by painter Marie Grice, photographer Alistair Duff and silver jeweller Caroline Staples. There is also knitting and woodturning, local honey and Amy's natural soap and healing creams range as well as Tracey's native timber creations.

Jarman was working in youth education but a change in circumstances in the sector meant she was looking for a new challenge.

"I love working with native timber and I decided to follow my passion. [Amy and I] have known each other for a few years and we like each other's work."

Searle said the pair had been thinking about setting up a store for about a year and, after finding suitable premises, opened in late September.

"It's not a pop-up shop - it's a unique boutique gallery."

Gift baskets and Christmas cakes will be stocked in the lead-up to the festive season.

"It's an evolving store and we'll have more Christmas items coming in," Jarman said.

She and Searle plan to have some evenings where people can visit the store to see the artists at work and hope the shop would attract tourists as well as locals.


Vision is at 149 Victoria Ave.