Vinyl lovers found some old favourites and rare gems at the record fair held at Lucky Bar + Kitchen on Saturday.

Lucky Bar owner Georgie Ormond said there was a steady stream of browsers and buyers.

"The weather was perfect and we had the bar open and pizzas for sale so people could stop and enjoy the garden bar.

"There were around 10 stalls selling a wide variety and there were some interesting rarities for sale."


Ormond said a regular trader from Tauranga was doing brisk trade and one stallholder had a great collection of early NZ punk records for sale.

"He has around 8000 records in his personal collection and he had some rare gems on sale.

"Our regular Auckland guy didn't come this time because he was going to the Straitjacket Fits and Dimmer gig on Saturday night."

Ormond said there were stallholders with large classical collections and while some visitors were just browsing, others were searching for very specific recordings.

"People were sitting in the sun and enthusing about their purchases.

"It was nice for us to be open in the daytime."

Ormond said the next record fair at Lucky will be held in around June 2019.