Blind Boy Paxton is the embodiment of the blues in the 21st Century, but plays it all in the true folk songster tradition - ragtime, hokum, old time, French reels, Appalachian mountain music, blues and more.

Blind Boy' Paxton sings the blues, but he's also vocal at educating his fans about black culture where the blues originated.

The true bluesman with family roots deep in Louisiana says the blues is part of American culture so people can be "gung ho" about the genre, but it's important to remember where the blues came from.

Bay of Plenty Times

His speciality is pre-1940s blues, straight from the south.


Having said that, the blues can come from anywhere, you don't need to be from the deep south to be immersed in its culture, Jerron says. Jerron himself was brought up on the rough streets of South Los Angeles.

With his easy, personable conversational style and effortless musical talent, he took us on a trip through the Deep South (with humid weather to match).

Moving from guitar to piano through harmonica, and fiddle, there is more to Blind Boy Paxton than an amazing musical talent.

Songs explored the usual themes of lost and unrequited love, but his explanation that 'baby' in many blues songs is actually the slave master gave a sombre touch.

Ending on his whimsical signature tune 'When an Ugly Woman Tells You No' brought some humour back to the blues. Audiences in the "Deep South" of NZ on the rest of his tour are in for a roller coaster treat.

Blind Boy Paxton is on a six-date New Zealand tour, which is his third tour in this country Having already played Auckland and last night in Tauranga, he continues to Christchurch, Nelson, Wellington and Hawkes Bay.

February 13 - The Piano - Christchurch
February 15 - Theatre Royal - Nelson (click here for tickets)
February 16 - Old St Pauls - Wellington
February 17 - Black Barn – Hawkes Bay


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