There's a week coming up where Tauranga has no mayor - at least, no decision-making power.

Tauranga City Council democracy services manager Coral Hair explained the handover process.

She said outgoing mayor Greg Brownless would remain in the role until the day after the final election results are declared.

The results are expected on Thursday, so Brownless' reign will end on Friday.


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The same day, mayor-elect Tenby Powell will come into office.

Hair said he could not act in the role until he - and the rest of the new council - had been sworn in.

The swearing-in ceremony is scheduled for the inaugural council meeting on October 24.

The outgoing group of councillors would also lose their power to act in the role, even those who had been re-elected.

So who's in charge from October 18 to 24?

Hair said decision-making powers would fall to the council's chief executive, Marty Grenfell.

At a council meeting on November 5, he will report back on any decisions made under that delegation.