The search for a woman missing at Lake Tutira was still on-going when she was found more than 40km away in Napier yesterday.

It is believed that Search and Rescue and the rescue helicopter were called off shortly after she was located at 6.30pm this evening.

A police spokeswoman said she was "safe and well" but did not know how she had made her way to Napier.

"Police were able to make contact with the woman via cellphone earlier this evening and she had made her own way to Napier last night. She was safe and thankful for Police efforts."


She said it was "nothing untoward".

Police became increasingly concerned earlier this afternoon when the woman in her 20s had not returned since yesterday to her campsite beside Lake Tutira in northern Hawke's Bay.

Police were alerted the woman had gone for a walk and not returned to her tent by Hawke's Bay Regional Council staff who were informed by others camping at the site, he said.

"At this stage we are concerned because she's set up camp with a tent and there was some sleeping gear and clothing.

Hawke's Bay police senior sergeant Kevin Stewart previously said that the woman was believed to be an Indian national who had been studying in the country and was now on a visitor's visa.