A idea born is a storage area in Hastings has now turned into free gym classes for kids in a new gym in Taradale.

Co-Owner of First Light Strength and Conditioning, Aleish Warren, said she, along with five other guys were running gym classes out of the storage area, and the free classes had been opened up to the public.

"My two boys were starting to join in, so we just thought let's make a kids' class with our own kids and see what happens."

Over the summer holidays they had the opportunity to open the new gym in Taradale.


"One of our main driving forces was just to give back to the community and to get kids off their devices.

"A big incentive of that is having it for free, parents don't have to pay."

They were orginially going to have 10 kids per class, two nights a week, but that's expanded to 13 kids, with only two spots left for the Tuesday class.

She said kids of any level could attend, from those in Hawke's Bay representative teams, to those hoping to make a representative team, to those who had never done sport before.

She said every class was completely different, but they were all based on fundamental movements.

"So movements they will use in school, in a classroom, picking up their bag, stuff they will use around the house anyway.

"Just getting them stronger in their daily lifestyle."

Adult classes are also available (although not free). The oldest member of the gym is 70 and the youngest is 5.

Warren said if people were at all nervous about attending a gym class for the first time, now was a good time to start.

"Just come and give it a go.

"Because we are new, our classes are so small at the moment, so if you are wanting to start fitness now would be the best time."

Anyone interested in the free kids' classes, or the new gym, can contact them on their Facebook page or on info@firstlightstrengthandconditioning.com.