The business community is being asked to share expertise to support community organisations. Community Mentors is seeking volunteers to help organisations helping others.

Community Mentors has 18 community mentors in Hawke's Bay but needs more.

Mentors provide advice and guidance by through experience in governance, and/or managing a business, charity, social enterprise or not-for-profit organisation.

"We're looking for those with business and/or not-for-profit management or governance experience who would be willing to share their knowledge with local Hawke's Bay community organisations in need," general manager of Community Mentors Lisa Ford said.

"Mentors don't need to be experts, they just need to bring their real-life experience, know-how and be able to spare an hour or two a week.

"Community mentors are passionate, committed individuals who want to see their communities prosper and grow in a sustainable way."

Business consultant Steve Higgison has been a community mentor for six years using his finance, infrastructure and logistic experience.

"Being a mentor is incredibly rewarding," he said. "Many organisations have good intentions but need refocusing from time to time. Often I'm just a person to bounce ideas off but that's often all someone needs. Plus, I feel like I'm doing my bit for the community by passing on the experience and knowledge I've built up over the years."

Ms Ford said anyone could become a community mentor

"Whatever the organisation you're running and the type of support you need, we try to match an appropriate mentor to you. That's why we need volunteer mentors from a range of backgrounds."

Those interested in volunteering or keen to access the Community Mentor support should call 0800 207 207 or visit