The man-in-a-van service by Hawke's Bay-based telecommunications provider NOW is being rolled out to anyone needing help with 21st century challenges such as Smart TVs.

CEO Hamish White said it was determined to be "the telco that goes beyond the router" to iron out digital/computing set-ups.

The move is in response customers' "increasing frustration as their homes became more and more complex - all through what the internet is enabling".

"Technology is supposed to make life easier, but for customers who aren't using technology to its fullest potential, it's a double whammy. Firstly, they are missing out on all the benefits that technology can provide, and, secondly, not being able to master their devices is an added frustration.


"What has always been apparent to us is that there was no single company helping people in a comprehensive way, yet the demand and the need for a techspert service is there.
Customers have been telling us they don't know what they don't know, and are asking for help. And they tell us they want help they can trust, they don't want to go to multiple people, and they want local and accessible support."

He said a need for the service went beyond customer feedback with a street poll confirming demand for a single service that helped to optimise home technology.
No other company offered the "total package".

"We know we can respond to those needs, and we're pleased to be able to offer that single source of techspert support, right here in the Bay. Our geeks. Your home. Sorted".

NOW's Hawke's Bay head office is supplemented by a Wellington and Rotorua office which also services the Bay of Plenty. SPARK bought a 26 per cent stake in NOW in December 2015 to enable expansion.