No fewer than four New Zealand League of Legends players could take to the Oceanic grand finals this Friday in a best of five series that has story lines woven throughout it.

Quin 'Raes' Korebrits, Ryan 'Chippys' Short, Ari ' Shok' Greene-Young and Andy 'Cupcake' van der Vyver are all expected to feature in the League of Legends Oceanic grand final.

The winning team will move on to the qualifiers of the Mid-Season Invitation tournament and have the chance to play against the best teams currently across the world. There is a cloud above the tournament's head due to the on going Covid-19 outbreak.

Dire Wolves, a team that features four Kiwis on its current roster made it to the grand final after defeating both Order and Chiefs Esports Club in some exhilarating League of Legends.


Both best of five series had the full five games played, with Dire Wolves now facing the regular season champion, Legacy Esports, which features Hamiltonian Quin Korebrits.

Korebrits was originally picked up by Dire Wolves in 2016 and made the move from New Zealand to Australia to compete competitively. He would later go on to join Chiefs before moving to Legacy Esports this year.

Across the world, the spring seasons are coming to a close despite Covid-19 preventing the leagues being played in a live arena. Much like many areas of esports, the leagues have been able to operate online.

Europe's G2 Esports demolished Fnatic 3-0 in their spring final, while Cloud-9 won their first title in six years.

The North American team made significant moves in the off-season, bringing in former TSM star Jesper "Zven" Svenningsen to replace the popular Zach "Sneaky" Scuderi.

These teams could be competing at the 2020 Mid Season Invitational event. The event is currently expected to be held at the delayed date of June, but could change with the on-going Covid-19 outbreak.