Indoor Premier Results - Championship Round

St Paul's Collegiate Open A 23 vs St Peter's Premier 60

Iwi Karearea Premier 50 vs University of Waikato Premier Reserve 48

Waikato Diocesan Open A 39 vs Hamilton Girls High Premier 43


Verdettes Marist Premier 34 vs FTNC Premier Reserve 54

Verdettes Marist Old Girls 67 vs Nottingham Castle Rangers 47

FTNC Premier 34 vs University of Waikato Premier 69

The indoor premier netball competition is in its final two weeks with the championship round commencing this week.

There are three pools consisting of the four top club teams including University of Waikato Premier, Verdettes Marist Old Girls, Nottingham Castle Rangers and FTNC Premier; the four bottom club teams including Iwi Karearea Premier, Verdettes Marist Premier, FTNC Premier Reserve and University of Waikato Premier Reserve and the final pool consisting of the four school teams including St Peter's Premier, Hamilton Girls High Premier, Waikato Diocesan Open A and St Paul's Collegiate Open A.

The closest game was that between Iwi Karearea Premier and University of Waikato Premier Reserve both of whom are in the bottom four club teams.

Simmon Howe at WA for Verdettes Marist Old Girls. Photo / Judy Macdonald
Simmon Howe at WA for Verdettes Marist Old Girls. Photo / Judy Macdonald

Iwi Karearea Premier started well against University of Waikato Premier Reserve and had a five goal lead at the end of the first quarter. The score was 16 goals to 11.

In the second quarter they were able to increase their lead by a goal with the score being 27 goals to 21.


The third quarter was goal for goal and was a draw with the score being 39 goals to 33.

The final quarter was won by Uni Premier Reserve to narrow the difference to just four goals. The final score was 51 goals to 47.

This was a great performance by the Uni Premier Reserve team showing grit and resilience until the end.

It also demonstrated their improvement from the start of the season.

For Iwi Karearea Premier it was also a good game with the team stepping it up this week with their through court defence which resulted in turnover ball.

Amra Simek at goal shoot held strongly and displayed confidence in finishing with shots.

Shayla Rata at goal attack was effective in drawing the defence away from herself and Simek.

The most valuable player was Tyra Begbie at wing attack playing her best game this season showing improvements in drives for the ball and in feeding the ball into the shooting circle. Overall a close and competitive game.

The other really close game and one that was a great spectator game was Hamilton Girls High Premier and Waikato Diocesan Open A.

These teams had a great tussle of a game which was closely contested for the whole 60 minutes.

Hamilton Girls High started well to have a slim three goal lead at the end of the first quarter.

The score was 15 goals to 12. They were able to increase their lead by a goal at half time with the score being 26 goals to 22.

Waikato Diocesan then turned the tables in the third quarter to win this and reduce the goal difference to just two goals.

During the final quarter they managed to bring it up to a draw and it was goal to goal for quite some minutes.

In the final few minutes Hamilton Girls High were finally able to string together a run of goals and they won the game 44 goals to 39.

Overall an outstanding game that could have gone either way.

Tyra Begbie at WA for Iwi Karearea Premier. Photo / Judy Macdonald
Tyra Begbie at WA for Iwi Karearea Premier. Photo / Judy Macdonald

For Hamilton Girls High the senior players showed leadership with great defence from Mya Meadows at both goal defence and goal keep combining well with strong support from Te Ao Samuels at goal keep and goal defence.

On attack there was some precision feeding from Hylan Potts at wing attack and centre and Amarnee Shepard moving from goal shooter to wing attack in the last quarter complimented the shooters by feeding some great ball.

Young 14 year old Hannah Coffin held her own at both goal shoot and goal keep showing her versatility and skill.
The whole team showed composure and fitness throughout the game.

For Waikato Diocesan the intensity did not falter at any stage and as a team the girls played well.

They got good ball but weren't always able to convert it. Defensively the players put a lot of pressure on the ball causing the opposition to make errors including achieving held ball calls.

Offensively they played well through both the zone and one on one defence that Hamilton Girls High used on court.

Through court play flowed well with both Phoebe Tumata at goal defence and Sophie Reeves at wing attack having very good games.

This game was great preparation for both teams for UNISS (Upper North Island Secondary Schools).

In the top club teams University of Waikato Premier had a slow start against FTNC Premier who came out with guns blazing.

At the end of the first quarter Uni Premier held a slim lead of 13 goals to 10.

By half time however they had displayed dominance over the game with a half time score of 34 goals to 16.

The third quarter was closer but again in the final quarter Uni Premier were dominant.

The final score was 69 goals to 34. This was a lovely skilful game to watch.

Similarly, Verdettes Marist Old Girls had a slow start in their game against Nottingham Castle Rangers.

Both the first and second quarters were close and competitive with Marist Old Girls winning the first quarter and Castle Rangers winning the second. The half time score was 26 goals to 23.

In the third and fourth quarters Marist Old Girls increased their lead winning both these quarters.

The final score was 69 goals to 49. This was a solid and consistent game of netball by both teams.

Olivia Holten at C for Waikato Diocesan Open A. Photo / Judy Macdonald
Olivia Holten at C for Waikato Diocesan Open A. Photo / Judy Macdonald

Amongst the remaining school teams as expected St Peters Premier had a comprehensive win over St Paul's Collegiate Open A going from strength to strength over three quarters of the game.

The half time score was 30 goals to 10.

In the final quarter this was close and low scoring for both teams and much more competitive. The final score was 60 goals to 23.

And in the remaining bottom club teams FTNC Premier Reserve had a good win in the end over Verdettes Marist Premier.

FTNC Premier Reserve led from start to finish and won every quarter.

The half time score was 28 goals to 17 and the fulltime score was 54 goals to 34.

This appeared a frustrating and somewhat scrappy match with the ball at times going up and down the court before a goal was scored.

Next week for finals week, University of Waikato Premier will meet Verdettes Marist Old Girls for the premier final and St Peter's Premier will meet Hamilton Girls High Premier in the final to find the top school team.

In the bottom four club teams Iwi Karearea Premier will meet FTNC Premier Reserve.

All other teams will also have a game.