Indoor Premier Results

University of Waikato Premier Reserve 52 vs Hamilton Girls High Premier 64

Verdettes Marist Old Girls 53 vs FTNC Premier 47

Iwi Karearea Premier 37 vs St Peter's Premier 63


FTNC Premier Reserve 51 vs St Paul's Collegiate Open A 45

University of Waikato Premier 69 vs Nottingham Castle Rangers 33

Waikato Diocesan Open A 35 vs Verdettes Marist Premier 52

The Waikato indoor premier netball competition on August 1 was the fifth and final week of the third round before finals.

There was a great tussle in the game between Verdettes Marist Old Girls and FTNC Premier.

FTNC Premier started strongly to be ahead by five goals at the end of the first quarter but by halftime Marist Old Girls had drawn level with the score being 24 all.

The third quarter was almost goal for goal but Marist Old Girls did pull ahead slightly to lead by three goals.

The final quarter was again close but again Marist Old Girls were able to increase their winning margin.


The final score was 53 goals to 47. For Marist Old Girls the connections were not there at the start and they struggled for most of the game.

With only the bare seven players dropping to only six for a short period due to an injury towards the end of the game there were not too many options.

They were pleased to make up lost ground and to take the win.

Hayley Stockman at goal attack worked hard and shot well.

For FTNC Premier it was a much more consistent start and a great game defensive game from T'neya Onehi-Karena at goal keep.

Selena Williams-Paap at WA for University of Waikato Premier Reserve. Photo / Judy Macdonald
Selena Williams-Paap at WA for University of Waikato Premier Reserve. Photo / Judy Macdonald

In terms of the remaining Pool 1 games, University of Waikato Premier encountered a spirited start from Nottingham Castle Rangers in their match-up with only six goals the difference at the end of the first quarter.

By halftime, however, Uni Premier had asserted their dominance and led by 33 goals to 18.

The third quarter was lower scoring by Uni Premier but they still increased their lead.

They then had a huge final quarter to win by 69 goals to 33.

St Peter's Premier led from start to finish in their game against Iwi Karearea Premier and by halftime they led by 33 goals to 17.

The second half of the game was more competitive but St Peter's still came away with a good win. The final score was 63 goals to 37.

Next week the four top teams from Pool 1 (excluding St Peter's Premier as a school team) will play off over a two weeks finals format.

This includes University of Waikato Premier, Verdettes Marist Old Girls, Nottingham Castle Rangers and FTNC Premier.

In Pool 2 the closest game was that between FTNC Premier Reserve and St Paul's Collegiate Open A.

St Paul's started very strongly to lead by eight goals at the end of the first quarter.

The score was 16 goals to 8. FTNC Premier Reserve had a good second quarter to narrow the gap to just three goals by half time.

The halftime score was 27 goals to 24.

In the third quarter, FTNC Premier Reserve were again able to narrow the gap to trail just by two goals.

Georgina Speedy at C for FTNC Premier. Photo / Judy Macdonald
Georgina Speedy at C for FTNC Premier. Photo / Judy Macdonald

And they finished with a great final quarter to take the lead and win. The final score was 51 goals to 45.

For FTNC Premier Reserve it was a slow start. Defensively the team stepped it up and got crucial turnover ball to give the shooters more opportunities in addition to scoring off their own centre pass.

Mackenzy Suttie at both goal shoot and goal keep gave the team a boost as well as Paula Bent at wing defence, returning after six weeks, providing stability amongst the young attacking end.

For St Paul's it was another chance to try different combinations before Upper North Island Secondary Schools tournament.

The return of Chloe Davis at goal attack and goal shoot and Abby Bartels at goal shoot from injury bolstered the shooting circle.

Lily Carr Paterson at centre was also strong. The game was within reach but the team struggled to adjust to changes.

In the other games Verdettes Marist Premier had a competitive and close first half in their game against Waikato Diocesan Open A with the score at halftime being 21 goals to 19.

But in the second half Marist Premier really came into their own and they ended up winning confidently.

The final score was 52 goals to 35.

Hamilton Girls High Premier also came from behind in their game against University of Waikato Premier Reserve after a slow first quarter to be ahead by two goals at halftime.

The score was 29 goals to 27. They then continued this trend to have strong third and final quarters. The final score was 64 goals to 52.

From next week Pool 2, including Iwi Karearea Premier from Pool 1, will play off for finals over two weeks.

The other teams include FTNC Premier Reserve, Verdettes Marist Premier and University of Waikato Premier Reserve.

All four school teams from Pool 1 and Pool 2 will also play off including St Peter's Premier, Waikato Diocesan Open A, St Paul's Collegiate Open A and Hamilton Girls High Premier.