Indoor Premier Results

Nottingham Castle Rangers 54 vs Verdettes Marist Old Girls 77

Verdettes Marist Premier 28 vs Waikato Diocesan Open 50

FTNC Premier Reserve 37 vs Iwi Karearea Premier 55


University of Waikato Premier Reserve 47 vs St Paul's Collegiate Open 56

University of Waikato Premier 73 vs Hamilton Girls High Premier 24

FTNC Premier 48 vs St Peter's Premier 5

Conal Grant at WD for Verdettes Marist Old Girls. Photo / Judy Macdonald
Conal Grant at WD for Verdettes Marist Old Girls. Photo / Judy Macdonald

In the 10th week of the indoor premier netball competition and the fifth and final week of the second round there was only one close game, between Fraser Tech Netball Centre Premier and St Peter's Premier.

Both teams started well and it was goal for goal in the first quarter with FTNC Premier ahead 12-11 at the end of the first quarter.

At half time they had increased their lead to be ahead 27-22. St Peter's then turned the tables and by three quarter time the game was drawn at 37 goals apiece.

St Peter's were again strong in the final quarter but again it was goal for goal for the most part.

St Peter's won the game 50-48. Overall a great game to watch and it could have gone either way.


For St Peter's the defensive effort was outstanding, particularly the circle defence of Katie Te Ao at goal keep and Charlisse Leger-Walker at goal defence.

Te Ao and Leger-Walker were relentless on defence and strong on attack.

Ella Bradley also had a sensational game at goal shoot and then goal attack, shooting in the 90 per cent range.

For FTNC Premier, in the first half they implemented what they had been working on at training with regards to scoring off the ball and playing with patience and everyone doing their job.

Come half time where unfortunately they were unable to sustain the effort and convert ball that the defenders gained and struggled to adjust to the changes that the opposition made.

T'neya Onehi-Karena at goal keep had a strong performance at gaining numerous ball and constantly applying pressure to the shooters.

St Paul's Collegiate Open were happy with their first win of the round over University of Waikato Premier Reserve.

This despite not winning every quarter. They started strong to lead 18-12 at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter was a draw with the score being 32-26.

St Paul's pulled ahead again in the third quarter to lead 45-35 and then Uni Premier Reserve won the final quarter by a goal leaving a final score of 56-47.

Nottingham Castle Rangers started well in their game against Verdettes Marist Old Girls and overall for three quarters of the game they were competitive but the damage was done in the second quarter by a formidable Marist Old Girls line-up.

At the end of the first quarter the score was 18-13 but by half time Marist Old Girls led by 42 goals to 25.

The three quarter score was 60 to 39 and the fulltime score 77-58. A great spectator game.

Iwi Karearea Premier continued their winning streak with a win over FTNC Premier Reserve and they won every quarter except the final quarter in their game which they only lost by a goal.

The half time score was 29 to 13 and the fulltime score 55-37.

 Lisa Mather at C for University of Waikato Premier. Photo / Judy Macdonald
Lisa Mather at C for University of Waikato Premier. Photo / Judy Macdonald

Waikato Diocesan Open had a dominant win over Verdettes Marist Premier winning all four quarters.

The score at half time was 23-16 and the fulltime score was 50-28. This is Waikato Diocesan second win of this round.

University of Waikato Premier, with all their players now back from ANZ Championship and Beko, looked slick, fast and polished in their performance against Hamilton Girls High Premier.

They led from start to finish and were ruthless in the first quarter restricting Hamilton Girls to just two goals.

The half time score was 36 to 8 and the fulltime score 73-24.

On Monday, 17 June 2019 St Paul's Collegiate Open played their deferred game against FTNC Premier Reserve.

And on Thursday a new round robin of five games across two pools was due to start before leading into a finals format that will be played over two weeks in early August.

The rankings at the end of the second round of five games were:

Pool 1: Verdettes Marist Old Girls (13 points) St Peter's Premier (12 points), FTNC Premier (10 points) Nottingham Castle Rangers (8 points) and University of Waikato Premier and Hamilton Girls High Premier (1 point).

Pool 2: Iwi Karearea Premier (14 points), FTNC Premier Reserve (9 points*), Waikato Diocesan Open A (7 points), University of Waikato Premier Reserve and Verdettes Marist Premier (both with 6 points) and St Pauls Collegiate Open (4 points*) (* with one deferred game to be played).