Indoor Premier Results

Waikato Diocesan Open 42 vs University of Waikato Premier Reserve 48

Hamilton Girls High Premier 36 vs Fraser Tech Netball Centre Premier 55

St Peter's Premier 52 vs Nottingham Castle Rangers 50


Iwi Karearea Premier 50 vs Verdettes Marist Premier 37

University of Waikato Premier 41 vs Verdettes Marist Old Girls 58

FTNC Premier Reserve vs St Paul's Collegiate Open (deferred game)

Georgie Edgecombe at WD for University of Waikato Premier. Photo / Judy Macdonald
Georgie Edgecombe at WD for University of Waikato Premier. Photo / Judy Macdonald

In the eighth week of the indoor premier netball competition and the third week into a new round, St Peter's Premier pulled off a narrow win after a slow start against Nottingham Castle Rangers.

Castle Rangers won the first quarter to lead 17 to 9. St Peter's then won the next quarter to narrow the gap to just four goals with the score 27 to 23.

They then won the third quarter to have the game drawn at 39-all at three quarter time.

They finished strongly to win the game 52-50.

For St Peter's it was a depleted team with only seven players well enough to take the court.


Ella Bradley at goal keep, who is usually a centre or goal attack, did extremely well slotting into the defensive role.

Bradley picked up a lot of ball and combined well with Katie Te Ao at goal defence.

It was a tight game and the players did well to maintain composure and patience right through to the end.

Castle Rangers wanted to improve on their performance from last week and they started strong.

In the second quarter, however, they struggled to score off ball on attack.

The game became close and unfortunately in the second half Rangers were not able to convert enough ball into goals when they needed to.

Overall it was a strong performance by Abbey Wilton at goal defence working hard defensively and Jordan Te Wake at wing attack provided strong feeds into the shooting circle.

A great spectator game that could have gone either way.

Fiesola Puamau at GS for University of Waikato Premier being defended by Casey Kopua at GD for Verdettes Marist Old Girls. Photo / Judy Macdonald
Fiesola Puamau at GS for University of Waikato Premier being defended by Casey Kopua at GD for Verdettes Marist Old Girls. Photo / Judy Macdonald

The other game to watch was that between University of Waikato Premier and Verdettes Marist Old Girls.

The University Premier team included six WBOP Beko players and Marist Old Girls included Casey Kopua, Silver Fern and WBOP Magic and Monica Falkner, WBOP Magic.

This was a talented and athletic game to watch. Marist Old Girls had a slim one-goal lead at the end of the first quarter, 9-8, but increased this to lead by seven goals at half time with the score 24-17.

Marist Old Girls really got into a groove and won the remaining two quarters to win the game 58-41.

The score did not reflect the competitiveness of the game with some outstanding skills shown by both teams.

Marist Old Girls played with just the seven players the whole game and they were able to build on connections as the game went on.

Hayley Stockman at goal shoot was very accurate and Alix Stevens at centre and Conal Grant at wing defence were an awesome mid court pairing.

For University Premier the team was heartened to have their WBOP Beko players back.

The team started well but had a poor second quarter.

The skill and physicality of the game was great, however the team lacked connections at times.

There were many positives including great defensive pressure from Lyanne Eukaliti at goal keep, Greer Sinclair at goal defence and Georgie Edgecombe at wing defence.

These three provided a formidable defensive unit.

Another close game was between Waikato Diocesan Open and University of Waikato Premier Reserve.

Waikato Diocesan started strongly to lead at the end of the first quarter 15-10.

They maintained the lead going into half time with the score 26-22.

In the second half it all went University Premier Reserve way and by three quarter time they led 35-34 and they won the final quarter to win the game 48-42.

A competitive game with some nice phases of play by both teams.

Iwi Karearea Premier had another win this week, this time over Verdettes Marist Premier.

Iwi Premier started well to lead by 13-8 at the end of the first quarter and at half time they had increased this lead.

The half time score was 26-13.

The third and final quarters were a draw with the score 40-27 at three quarter time and the final score was 50-37. Iwi Premier are pleased with their progress.

In the final game, Fraser Tech Netball Centre Premier was too strong for Hamilton Girls High Premier and dominated in every quarter.

The half time score was 31-11 but the second half was a lot more competitive with Hamilton Girls winning the third quarter by two goals and only losing the final quarter by a goal.

The final score was 55-36.