Indoor Premier Results

Verdettes Marist Old Girls 85 vs Hamilton Girls High Premier 42

University of Waikato Premier 58 vs St Peter's Premier 45

St Paul's Collegiate Open 45 vs Iwi Karearea Premier 55


Fraser Tech Netball Centre Premier 44 vs Nottingham Castle Rangers 42

FTNC Premier Reserve 48 vs Waikato Diocesan Open 40

Verdettes Marist Premier 44 vs University of Waikato Premier Reserve 43

Katherine Levien, GD for Marist Old Girls defends the shot being taken by Ivari Christie at GA for Hamilton Girls' High. Photo / Judy Macdonald
Katherine Levien, GD for Marist Old Girls defends the shot being taken by Ivari Christie at GA for Hamilton Girls' High. Photo / Judy Macdonald

In the seventh week of the indoor premier netball competition – and the second week into a new round – Iwi Karearea Premier secured their first win of the season in what was a see-sawing match.

Iwi Karearea started slowly in their game against St Paul's Collegiate Open and were behind at the end of the first quarter by five goals.

By half time however they were in the lead by five goals with the score being 28-23.

St Paul's Collegiate then won the third quarter to narrow the gap to just three goals. Iwi Karearea then won the final quarter to win the game 55-45.

The games to watch this week were between Fraser Tech Netball Centre Premier and Nottingham Castle Rangers as this went down to the final minutes, and the one between University of Waikato Premier and St Peter's Premier.


Both these games were competitive and exciting to watch.

FTNC Premier and Nottingham Castle Rangers were all tied up at 9-all at the end of the first quarter with neither team giving an inch.

FTNC Premier took a narrow two-goal lead at half time with the score 21-19.

They further increased their lead by a goal at the end of the third quarter only to have Castle Rangers have a great final quarter to bring them back to within two goals.

This game was only won in the dying minutes with the game all tied up close to the end. The final score was 44-42.

For FTNC Premier there were standout performances from several players.

Jade Poi at centre for her consistent performance and contribution to through court play and also the defensive duo of Libby Clayton at goal keep and Rebecca Ottaway at goal defence in creating numerous turnovers.

It was a solid start to the round after a defaulted game last week.

For Castle Rangers the coach was proud of how the team played.

Unfortunately at critical moments in the match things just didn't go their way but the team played with intensity for the whole 60 minutes.

There was a strong performance from a young circle defensive pairing of Tegan Broomfield at goal keep and Abbey Wilton at goal defence.

Both put repeated pressure on the opposition shooters gaining plenty of turnover ball.

Emily Ussher at goal attack kept the team in the hunt with shots that counted when it mattered.

After having to default last week, University of Waikato Premier had a lot to prove and they were buoyed by the return of some of their Beko players, in particular Lyanne Eukaliti and Savanagh Cassidy.

St Peter's Premier were not deterred, however, and at the end of the first quarter they led by 14 goals to 12. At half time the game was tied at 26-all.

Uni Premier then stepped it up a gear to be ahead by seven goals at the end of third quarter and they won convincingly in the end 58 goals to 45. It was a strong defensive game from both teams.

Morgan Hutchings at WD for University of Waikato Premier Reserve. Photo / Judy Macdonald
Morgan Hutchings at WD for University of Waikato Premier Reserve. Photo / Judy Macdonald

For Uni Premier, Eukaliti at goal defence and goal keep and Cassidy at wing defence, centre and goal defence made a huge difference and shifted the intensity.

St Peter's performed well in the first half but lack of experience affected them in the second half.

The Uni Premier team brings a wealth of experience which assisted them at crucial moments during the game.

In the other games Verdettes Marist Premier narrowly beat University of Waikato Premier Reserve with only one goal the difference.

Marist Premier won the first quarter and led at half time by 22 to 16.

In the third quarter, University Premier Reserve put in a strong determined effort to be ahead by four goals.

They were not, however, able to continue this momentum and Marist Premier were able to retake the lead just seconds before the final whistle and to win 44-43.

For Marist Premier it was a shaky start but this improved in the second quarter. Shooting accuracy in the first half was also good.

Support through the court and an overall good defence resulted in turnover ball all of which contributed to the win.

For Uni Premier Reserve they had some really great passages of play on attack throughout the game and the defensive end had a strong presence and brought the ball down the court well especially during the second half.

Critical moments got the better of the team and they could not quite finish off shots when needed. Overall a good effort.

FTNC Premier Reserve and Waikato Diocesan Open had a game of two halves. Waikato Diocesan Open started strong and were leading at end of first quarter and half time.

The half time score was 25-20. In the second half FTNC Premier Reserve won the next two quarters to win the game 48-40.

Verdettes Marist Old Girls were dominant in their game against Hamilton Girls' High Premier and they led from start to finish.

After a one-goal loss last week the Marist Old Girls were ruthless in their execution this week.

At half time they led by 41-20 and they won the game comprehensively 85-42.

Hamilton Girls' High were competitive in the second and third quarters but the damage had been done in the first quarter and they could not sustain their performance into the final quarter.