The Trust Waikato Pre Season tournament was on Saturday, 30 March at the Hamilton City Netball Centre.

The weather started overcast and cool but was very warm by lunchtime so allowed for some good netball to be played.

Twenty eight teams entered the tournament across a range of grades including Premier Reserve, A grade, B grade, C grade and Social grade.

In Premier Reserve, A and B grade there were four teams in each grade playing a round robin to determine the winner.


In C grade and Social grade there were two pools,each with four teams and a final for these grades with the winners of each pool within each grade playing each other.

All games were 12 minutes each way with two minutes half time. Each team was required to provide their own non-playing qualified umpire except for finals.

A win was worth three points and a draw two points.

For the finals there was some intense and competitive games with each team keen to be the victor in their respective grade.

Fraser Tech Netball Centre Blue in Premier Reserve made a clean sweep of their round robin games to be the winner and similarly for Nottingham Castle Rangers Rovers in the A grade and WR2 in B grade.

 Fraser Tech Netball Centre Blue were Premier Reserve winners in Hamilton. Photo / Judy Macdonald
Fraser Tech Netball Centre Blue were Premier Reserve winners in Hamilton. Photo / Judy Macdonald

In the final for C grade Northern United Evos had a slight two-goal lead at half time only to lose by a goal at the end of the game with Whenua taking the game 20 goals to 19.

In the Social grade final the first half was close with Ruffnex Levels with a slim one goal lead at half time; however, in the second half they were dominant and won by 20 goals to 11.

Overall there was a good mixture of clubs and teams participating.


Premier Reserve
Winner – FTNC Blue
Runner-up – Allied HOB Prem Reserves
A Grade
Winner – Nottingham Castle Rangers Rovers
Runner-up – Wolves Jade
B Grade
Winner – WR2
Runner-up – Marist Mums
C Grade Pool 1 vs Pool 2 Winners
Winner – Whenua
Runner-up – Northern United Evos
Social Grade Pool 1 vs Pool 2 Winners
Winner – ruffnex Levels
Runner-up – NGA Matariki

It was a great day despite lower numbers of teams than last year.

There was a good number of spectators and supporters present. The tournament gave players a taste of what is to come this season in their competition and some insight into the skills, fitness and endurance required.

Volunteers assisted with the smooth running of the tournament along with TWHCNC officials.