Hamilton City Council could be required to pay $3 million to upgrade Hamilton's Garden Place.

The makeover proposed by Hamilton property investors Matt Stark, Steve McLennan and architect Brian White will include new gardens, play areas and shared parking spaces.

Mr Stark said that almost $3 million is the maximum amount of money needed from council and he only put this figure forward to not catch the council off guard.

"We can sit around here debating until the cows come home around cars shouldn't be in there but we would just have tumbleweed there."

"I'd like to think that we can do it for $2 million," Mr Stark told the council.


"What we've done is put $3.9 million because I understand you guys don't want surprise and neither do I.

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"We've put the top dollar in there and we'll work down from there."

Roughly $800,000 of the rework would be community funded while offers to do pro bono work have already been received.

Several councillors raised concerns over the shared spaces between cars and pedestrians.
In the concept design on both sides of Garden Place there will be several car parking spots.
Councillor Leo Tooman said that shared space areas are targets for terrorism in other countries and something that needs to be taken into consideration.
"When you look at some of the terrorist actions around the world, these are the sort of environments where these sort of things are taking place," Mr Tooman said.
"We probably say it will never come to this country but we have to wait and see."
Mr Tooman also said the challenge was to get people out of their cars in the CBD.
Mr Stark replied that each councillor could scrap their cars and walk to work each day to lead by example.
Councillor Paula Southgate was in two minds about the shared space in Garden Place.
"I am concerned that there are opportunities where someone could mow people down but that is a matter of design," Ms Southgate said.
"There are new ways of attacking crowds and we have to be vigilant about it while not being afraid of it."
Councillor Siggi Henry said that cars were needed to show that there is energy in the area, which Mr Stark agreed with.
"We can sit around here debating until the cows come home around cars shouldn't be in there but we would just have tumbleweed there," Mr Stark said.
Ms Henry said that once the area is energised it will attract people to the area.
Mayor Andrew King provided a list of suggestions that councillors have brought up during the meeting.
"Councillor O'Leary has made it clear she wants gardens. The shared area along the back of Worley Place where it's all breaking up, bring that back into your spec," Mr King said.
He also suggested putting bollards at either end of the shared areas for safety when hosting events.
Included in the original concept is a playground, a sculpture area and performance stage. Gardens will be planted around pedestrians paths.
The design will be brought back to council at a later date for further consultation in the 10 year plan.