National MP for Hamilton East David Bennett has blasted the Government's Budget announcement yesterday describing it as a band-aid for the economy to get through to the election.

Yesterday Minister of Finance Grant Robertson released the 2020 Budget which focuses on the aftermath of the economy after the Covid-19 outbreak.

The biggest news out of the Budget was the extension of the wage subsidy for eight more weeks, while sectors devastated by the Covid-19 outbreak have also received funding.

"They've carried on the wage subsidy just so people don't have to make any economic decisions before the elections just so everybody feels things are ticking along nicely, then after the election if they are re-elected then they would go hard on cost cutting and revenue increases like taxes," Bennett said.


"It's policy that can't win, people are not that stupid and they will see through this. The Government's Budget should have made some of the hard decisions necessary for this country to move forward."

Bennett said again there was nothing for the Waikato in terms of projects, however Hamilton-based Labour list MP Jamie Strange said those aspects of the Budget have yet to be announced.

Labour MP Jamie Strange. Photo / File
Labour MP Jamie Strange. Photo / File

"We haven't announced the shovel-ready projects yet, those are still a couple of weeks away but some of that money could end up being used in Hamilton and around the Waikato," Strange said.

"People who live in the Waikato have taken the wage subsidy, there is money for the region in this Budget."

He said the $400 million to be spent on tourism will help the region, which draws a lot of its funding from domestic tourism.

Waikato Tourism CEO Jason Dawson said the $400m and the extension to the wage subsidy was a welcome start.

"Our tourism businesses have been bleeding cash, trying to reduce overhead costs and using up their cash reserves or personal savings to stay afloat. Our sector can easily show a 50 per cent reduction in revenue to meet the revised criteria," said Dawson.

"The eight-week extension to the wage subsidy will help ease the pain and hopefully keep more people in the sector in the short term. However, further initiatives will be required in the months ahead to prevent significant job losses.


"Our people are our number one asset and retention is our key priority. They are experienced, talented, qualified and passionate for our industry. Without people, tourism and events is not a viable business model."