Lime scooters are lighting up the city courtesy of the company's heatmap system of tracking journeys.

A spokesman for Lime, Robert Jeromson, says after a successful launch the company is considering doubling the number of scooters on the city's streets.

"We've been really happy with rider adoption in Hamilton since we launched in August.

"We have had some really positive feedback from happy riders, and receive many requests to expand further into the suburbs," Mr Jeromson says.


The company is now considering boosting the city's scooter fleet from the current 200 to operate between 400 to 500 scooters.

"Hamilton is experiencing strong demand for micromobility use across the city and most trips are on commuter pathways, with the main travel routes being around the CBD, along the river, and out to the Hamilton Gardens.

"We are always getting requests for Lime scooters in new areas, and we will continue to explore how we can expand our operations to complement existing public transport options. We also encourage the public to get in touch to let us know where they'd like to see our scooters next," Mr Jeromson said.

Despite the successful launch in Hamilton, there has been an increase in e-scooter related injuries in the city since August.

Statistics provided by ACC show that over the period from October 2018 to July 2019, there had never been more than six reported e-scooter accidents or injuries a month. However, from the launch of Lime scooters in August to September 2019, there has been a rise from six claims to 35.

Over that same period in Auckland, there were a total of 119 claims, and in Canterbury 135 claims. The figures cover all e-scooters, not just Lime scooters.

Public affairs manager for Lime New Zealand Lauren Mentjox said the company would be bringing a safety campaign to Hamilton to help keep users safe.

"As a part of our ongoing safety campaign, we will be bringing a First Ride training event to the city shortly," Ms Mentjox said.


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