A current councillor, a former mayoral candidate and a new face will contest Hamilton's next local body elections in October.

Hamilton City councillor Mark Bunting, high-profile Kiwi sex worker Lisa Lewis, and social entrepreneur Tim Young have announced their intentions to stand for Hamilton City Council.

Tim Young, 31, Hamilton's newest East Ward candidate, says that Hamilton should be spearheading technological growth in New Zealand, and that he can make the difference.

"We have the opportunity to develop the council into a tech powerhouse to catch up with and even lead our successful private technology industry in Hamilton," Mr Young said.


"Aside from developing housing and transport to keep up with growth, our main challenges will be preparing for disruptive technologies like drones, e-scooters and even how mobile phones, AI and automation will continue to drastically change the way we interact with our city. Luckily if we're smart and have the goal of developing a smart city, we can prepare for both at the same time."

Mr Young, 31, was born in Hamilton, and lived in Te Awamutu until he was four. He moved to Hamilton when he was seven.

He was left tetraplegic in 2009 after a snowboarding accident at Whistler, Canada where he fractured his C5 and C6 vertebrae, permanently lost feeling in 84 per cent of his body.

"If elected, I will provide the only perspective for those physically disabled, which is ridiculous considering 24 per cent of Hamiltonians are disabled.

"Considering 59 per cent of those over the age of 65 are disabled, most of the current councillors should probably vote for me if they want to live in an accessible city in 10 years time. I joke, but the ability for our growing aging population to access the city is an urgent problem."

Lisa Lewis is a Hamilton mayoralty candidate. Photo / Supplied
Lisa Lewis is a Hamilton mayoralty candidate. Photo / Supplied

Former mayoralty candidate, and high-profile Kiwi sex worker Lisa Lewis is also contesting the mayoralty.

Lisa Lewis, who rose to fame after streaking during an All Blacks match in 2006, said in a social media post she decided to give local body politics a crack stating current councillors and the mayor were "unfair to the many diverse cultures, religions, choices and conventional communities".

"I feel there is not a range in the position of councillors and mayoralty making bylaw decisions which are not all fair for the diverse cultures and communities of Hamilton with a one way with no side street kind of mentality."


At the top of Lewis' list of campaign promises was an indoor skate park, citing the rise of scootering popularity in New Zealand.

Hamilton City Councillor Mark Bunting will also stand again for council, with the hopes of continuing some of the projects he has helped start during his first term.

"Being a councillor in your first term is like someone tying your hands behind your back and throw a watermelon at your face and saying eat this," Mr Bunting said.

Hamilton City councillor Mark Bunting.
Hamilton City councillor Mark Bunting.

"Three years just isn't enough time and I want to now get on with some of the projects we started during this term."

Mr Bunting's focus has been a more accessible Hamilton, providing alternative transport options, and played a part in the new waste management plan.