Indoor Premier Results

University of Waikato Premier 61 vs Hamilton Girls High Premier 34

St Peter's Premier 32 vs Nottingham Castle Rangers 55

Waikato Diocesan Open A 53 vs St Paul's Collegiate Open 48


Iwi Karearea Premier 39 vs FTNC Premier Reserve 41

Verdettes Marist Old Girls 76 vs Verdettes Marist Premier 33

University of Waikato Premier Reserve 24 vs FTNC Premier 68

Rachel Fabling defending the ball at GD for Uni Premier. Photo / Judy Macdonald
Rachel Fabling defending the ball at GD for Uni Premier. Photo / Judy Macdonald

The fourth week of the indoor premier netball competition had a couple of really close games.

Fraser Tech Netball Centre (FTNC) Premier Reserve came away with a very narrow win over Iwi Karearea Premier.

At the end of the first quarter there was only two goals the difference but at half time FTNC Premier Reserve had pulled ahead to lead 24 goals to 18.

Iwi Karearea had a strong third quarter and by the end of that quarter they were only a goal behind.

The final quarter FTNC Premier Reserve won by a goal giving them the win 41 goals to 39.
Overall a great game that could have gone either way with both teams looking for their first win.


For FTNC Premier Reserve the defensive end won them the game.

Mackenzy Suttie at goal defence then goal keep led the defensive unit to provide crucial turnovers and planted a seed of doubt into the minds of the opposition shooters.

As a result of the defensive effort the attacks were given ample opportunities for ball and successfully got it down court to the shooters to finish off.

Overall for Iwi Karearea it was a strong defensive effort and changes made at half time were made to good effect.

The other close game was that between Waikato Diocesan Open A and St Paul's Collegiate Open.

This game was essentially won in the first half with the second half a draw.

Diocesan Open A led by two goals at the end of the first quarter and were up by five goals at half time leading 33 goals to 28.

The third and final quarters were goal for goal and the final score was 53 goals to 48.

For Diocesan Open A, Sophie Reeves at wing attack was a standout and two of the Year 10 players, Laura Littlejohn at centre and Amelia Glover at wing defence each had half a game and put in strong performances.

Chelsea Whittaker at goal shoot and Alice Wilkinson at goal attack moved and shot consistently.

Overall defensively the players worked continuously and capitalised on any opportunities they had.

For St Paul's the players all gave 100 per cent effort and everyone worked consistently on defence.

Unfortunately they were not able to make up the loss in the first half of the game.

The remaining games were not as close with two games having a big difference in scores.

Verdettes Marist Old Girls were dominant in their game against their other club team in the competition, Verdettes Marist Premier.

Old Girls led from start to finish with a half time score of 36 goals to 18. They went on to win the game 76 goals to 33.

Nice spirit and comraderie was shown throughout the game.

FTNC Premier also were dominant against University of Waikato Premier Reserve and they too led from start to finish.

At half time the score was 30 goals to 12 and the final score was 68 goals to 24.

A polished and slick performance from FTNC Premier with some patches of great play from the University Premier Reserve team who never quit.

Alison Priestley at WA for Nottingham Castle Rangers. Photo / Judy Macdonald
Alison Priestley at WA for Nottingham Castle Rangers. Photo / Judy Macdonald

University of Waikato Premier had a comfortable win over Hamilton Girls High Premier and this was a nice skilled game to watch with the Hamilton Girls showing spark and promise against a more experienced opposition.

The half time score was 31 goals to 14 and the final score was 61 goals to 34.

It was a great defensive performance by the University Premier team and they were able to get a lot of defensive ball.

In the final game Nottingham Castle Rangers were too strong in their game against St Peter's Premier.

Castle Rangers led from start to finish with a half time score of 26 goals to 16.

Only the final quarter was close with just the goal the difference but it was all a little too late.

The final score was 55 goals to 32. This was St Peter's first loss.