A decision to close or move Hamilton's i-Site has been delayed because the council manager who reviewed the options was not present when the topic came up at the monthly full council meeting on Thursday.

If the information and visitor office in Garden Place does close, Hamilton would be the only major New Zealand Centre without an i-Site.

The council was due to decide on Thursday whether to downsize and move it to Hamilton's ArtsPost in Victoria Street, or close the office completely.

However, during question time Mayor Andrew King halted further questioning, and put forward a motion to delay a decision until the April full council meeting.


General Manager Venues Tourism and Major Events Sean Murray who oversaw the report
was not present. Hamilton News learned later that he was attending a wedding in the South Island.

The i-Site could be moved to ArtsPost on Victoria Street. Photo / Tom Rowland
The i-Site could be moved to ArtsPost on Victoria Street. Photo / Tom Rowland

"When we are talking about the performance of the i-Site, I just don't think we have the right people in the chair to answer this," Mr King said.

The motion to support the delay was supported by the majority of councillors, with only councillors Angela O'Leary, Garry Mallett and deputy mayor Martin Gallagher against.

It leaves another month of uncertainty for i-Site and its staff, with this the second time a decision has been delayed.

The council had been reviewing if keeping the i-Site,is a sustainable option, after the mayor attempted to close it as part of his 10-year plan money savings proposals.

Councillor Paula Southgate told Hamilton News Hamilton must have an i-Site, with the brand so recognisable to international visitors.

"I just don't agree that everyone does everything on their phone anymore," Ms Southgate said.

"I know when I travel I like popping into the i-Site and talking to people in person."

The next full council meeting is Thursday April 18, however there is also an annual plan meeting on April 4.