The bell of Southwell School's chapel will ring out across Hamilton on Armistice Day on November 11, to help recreate the "roaring chorus" of celebration that sounded across the world on November 11 1918 when news broke that World War I had ended.

Churches and cathedrals with bell-towers throughout New Zealand will be ringing out for up to 45 minutes.

There are multiple community commemorations nationwide incorporating a Roaring Chorus in various ways, including vintage car horns, a mine siren, songs, drumming, cheering, bells, and even fire sirens and ship horns.

"The Roaring Chorus invites communities to break the silence in a way that is relevant to them, and it is great that so many communities and organisations are joining the campaign," Director of the World War I Centenary Programme WW100, Sarah Davies, says.


"At the announcement of the armistice, The Evening Post reported that in Wellington there were 'songs and cheers, miscellaneous pipings and blastings, and tootings and rattlings — a roaring chorus of gladsome sounds'."

In Otago, it was reported that 'all the steam whistles and church bells in the district were going, and each railway engine in passing added its quote to the general rejoicing'.

On the 100th anniversary next week emergency services contribution will involve available fire appliances sounding their sirens from station forecourts nationwide, while trains and ferries will also sound their horns in celebration.

New Zealand Police will acknowledge the event with police car sirens "should circumstances allow".

At 11.02am on Sunday 11 November 11 2018, the roaring chorus will break the two-minute silence of remembrance being observed nationwide at 11am.