Local Children's Theatre Company Stories and More is bringing another C S Lewis classic to life at The Meteor in the second week of the term three holidays.

Following a successful season of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe in 2016, Stories and More are going back to Narnia to stage The Magician's Nephew.

A prequel to the infamous The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, this stage adaptation by Glyn Robbins will take audiences back to where it all began.

Audiences will discover how Narnia came to be and how the White Witch seized control of the land, and the origins of the infamous lamppost that would later guide Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy safely home.


Stories and More founder and director of the show Cecilia Mooney says she's thrilled to revisit Narnia.

"We have a cast of 23 local Hamilton actors from agesseven to 67," says Mooney "and they've all worked tirelessly to help create a show that will bring joy to young and old alike."

Cecilia is not the only Stories and More veteran returning for The Magician's Nephew. The majority of the cast and crew were also in 2016. Eli Oliver and Megan Goldsman, who portrayed Peter and Susan Penvensie in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe are starring as the two protagonists, Polly and Diggory.

"I'm really enjoying working with Megan again," says Oliver. "And the rest of the cast actually, we're all really comfortable with each other and focused because we've been through this process before."

"I'm really enjoying the show, and the camaraderie that has come with it," says Goldsman. "It's really nice to work with an all ages cast again."

Recommended for ages six and up, The Magician's Nephew is at The Meteor Theatre throughout the school holidays.

The season runs October 5 to 13 with daytime shows at 11am and evening shows at 7pm.
Information and tickets at www.themeteor.co.nz