Future Destination Playgrounds have been saved after Councillor Angela O'Leary won the backing of the majority of councillors to continue with the Playgrounds of the Future Plan.

The Playgrounds of the Future Plan which was developed in 2015 brought larger Destination Playgrounds to Hamilton, however Cr O'Leary's motion will also include smaller neighbourhood playgrounds and potential skate parks for $5.5 million.

During public consultation, members of the public called for more infrastructure for children as well as teenagers, including 11-year-old Harry O'Rourke who, as the youngest submitter during the consultation public hearings, asked for a skate park in the Hillcrest area.

Mayor Andrew King and councillor Garry Mallett were the only two members to reject the proposal, with the mayor saying he had concerns.


"We decided we were going to back out of the playgrounds of the future plan and go for more neighbourhood based playgrounds with a similar budget," Mayor King said.

"A relentless campaign was then put up to make sure Destination Playgrounds were delivered."

Last year a petition to save Destination Playgrounds was presented to the Hamilton City council by Hamilton mother Angela Cuming.

"I am not a big one on plans and sticking to plans myself," Mayor King said.

"We have a motion now that says great, thanks for the money, let's make it contestable for other uses between Destination Playgrounds and Neighbourhood playgrounds."

Cr O'Leary replied to the mayor saying it was not her who drove the community to have a strong backlash to the potential axing of Destination Playgrounds.

"To say that the community could not do this without the support of an elected member is incredibly short-sighted and I challenge you Mayor Andrew to understand the people of your city better than that," Cr O'Leary said.

"This is flexible and this is about working with our community. It is what the community wants for their area.


"It is their area of the neighbourhood and quite frankly it is their money."

Deputy Mayor Martin Gallagher and councillors Leo Tooman, Paula Southgate, Siggi Henry, Dave Macpherson, James Casson, Geoff Taylor, Ryan Hamilton, Mark Bunting and O'Leary supported.

Mayor King and Cr Mallett were against.