For those tired of trawling through second hand stores to find the treasures, Teacup and Saucer maybe the answer. It is a Hamilton run business by Kelli and James Pike.

"Basically we sell anything vintage and retro, homeware, furniture, anything made prior to the 70s," Mrs Pike said.

"People think just second hand stuff but it's not the same as going to an op shop and there is a whole lot of [stuff] in there.

"We've done all that for you, it is the best bits or the most collectable bits. Things we know people will like."


Mrs Pike now runs indoor markets, called Market Place to accompany the business.

The idea for the markets came about after Mrs Pike saw a need for a market place out of the elements. The markets initially ran quarterly, but the Pikes will now trial them monthly from the first Saturday in June.

"It is really just to promote my friends and what they do as well. So that is where the idea of organising a market myself came in.

"Not everything is vintage or retro, we have handmade items. But generally I pick stallholders who do either up-cycling or retro looking items."

There is a range of clothing including children's, and the next market will be the first for Bella Vintage who sells vintage dresses, which Mrs Pike describes as, "beautiful, amazing, you feel princessey".

Cupcake creator Sullen Sadie will also be at Market Place for the first time, when it next runs on June 7. The menu for the market includes the likes of chocolate peanut butter, banoffee, and cookies and cream.

Mrs Pike said the market was ideal for people who are just starting up a business and cannot afford a store.

"People like Mallory who are just starting up and you can't go out and get a shop, you're not at the point yet but you want to be able to sell your items regularly.

"There are also people who want to be able to sell their items from home but might not want people coming over to your house all the time."

Mrs Pike said she had no idea how to run a market when she started. "I winged it a little bit. I rely on Facebook heavily for advertising, I can engage with [people]. My husband gets roped into all the boring stuff like putting up signs."

The markets will be held the first Saturday of every month at the St Francis Church in Hillcrest. There will be 35 stalls, 10 more than the last market.

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