The Cancer Society's annual pre-sale of fresh daffodils is under way and local businesses are being encouraged to show their support.

Bunches of 30 are being sold for $35 and will be delivered free to all businesses the week of Daffodil Day.

The society uses volunteers for pre-sale calling so the maximum funding is directed back to the people who need it.

"We do the pre-sale of daffodils every year and businesses love it," says society spokeswoman Rachael Mounsey. "The pre-sale gives businesses an opportunity to put their support for the society on display and it is great to see businesses with daffodils on their shop counters, in their tea rooms or on their reception desks during the last week of August."


As the 23rd annual Daffodil Day in the Waikato Bay of Plenty region it is particularly special, as this year the society celebrates its 50th anniversary.

With one in three New Zealanders affected by cancer, no one can turn away and say this won't affect me," says Rachael. "We are asking local businesses to support their community by purchasing fresh daffodils for their workplace."

Funds raised through Daffodil Day stay in the region where they are donated and go toward providing supportive care for people with cancer, their whanau and friends, funding vital cancer research and providing information to the public on how to reduce their risk of cancer through living a smokefree, sunsmart, healthy lifestyle.

The Daffodil Day appeal runs throughout August, culminating in a nationwide street appeal on August 30.

To order fresh daffodils, phone Daffodil Day co-ordinator, Melanie Forrest 903 5807, 027 261 0004 or The pre-sell runs until August 2.