Olympic opening fever took hold of Maeroa Intermediate School last week.

The entire 500-plus roll took part in the school's own Olympic opening ceremony - complete with national flags, a march past, announcements, an Olympic flame - and an Olympic gold medallist - track cyclist Sara Ulmer who told the children their ceremony was just like the real thing.

Even the queen attended.

Each class adopted a country and marched in either PE gear, school uniform or national dress. Team carried national flags and banners.

As teams were announced over the loudspeaker system they made their way around a marked track to assemble by the school flag pole.


When all the teams were present, Olympic ambassadors paraded the Olympic flag and hauled it to the top of the flagpole.

After Sara Ulmer's address, students from the Totara team read the Athlete's Oath and the Olympic flame was lit.

A series of novelty events, heats and finals, have been held during the past 10 days involving three-legged races, sack races, balloon racing, a 50m race in flippers and egg and spoon and wheelbarrow racing.

Also planned are food stalls, wearable arts inspiring a parade of costumes of countries represented - all culminating with a medal ceremony at school assembly.