Unapologetic - and a lot of them may even sound a little familia' />

There are a lot of different sounds interspersed throughout Rihanna's latest album Unapologetic - and a lot of them may even sound a little familiar.

You'll hear pop, R&B;, reggae, old school sounds, dubstep, and you may even think you've heard the lyrics or the music before.

Jump has Ginuwine's Pony lyrics incorporated, What Now reminds me a tad of John Farnam's The Voice when it gets into the chorus, Nobody's Business featuring Chris Brown obviously has a Michael Jackson theme to it and the song Love Without Tragedy sounds like it has sampled Message in a Bottle by The Police.

However, there is a fresh sound to the album too.


Overall, it's a solid set of tracks and there are some welcome surprises.

In the past I've enjoyed the upbeat, sexually-charged songs she's known for but this time, I'm more partial to the songs that have a fresh sound for the star.

Of course, we still get the "I don't give a damn and I'll embrace my sexuality if I like" Rihanna we all love. However, we also get introduced to a raw, softer side, particularly on Stay and Mother Mary, the second half of a two-part track which starts with Love Without Tragedy.
Unapologetic is Rihanna's seventh album in seven years and she still seems to have plenty to work with. She's still pumping out good music and I hope she continues to.

I wonder when she's going to slow down - but if her track Right Now is anything to go by, I'd say she's making the most of the present.



Def Jam
Rating: 3.5