Is daphne suitable for growing in a container?

Possibly, but daphne can be temperamental even in the garden. Choose a fairly large deep pot, of at least 30cm diameter, and use good potting soil. Site in dappled light or semi-shade away from cold winter winds. Once planted, avoid disturbing the soil overmuch, so it's best to remove any weeds when they are very small. Feed sparingly when flowering has finished and new growth started. If toddlers are around, be aware that all parts of daphne are poisonous.

My potatoes have been affected by potato moth caterpillars - what can I do to protect next season's crop?

Plant certified seed potatoes, sprouting them first, and sow at least 20cm deep. As tubers develop keep the soil mounded up to prevent the moths from laying their eggs. Once the weather warms up, water frequently to help limit the pest. It's also a good idea to plant potatoes early to avoid psyllid infestation, which has become a major problem since being discovered here in 2006.

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