Two staff members from Pitzac Wood Enterprises extracted a man from his vehicle after a crash on Taupo Quay extension this afternoon.

The man crossed the centre line heading towards Castlecliff, before crashing through some foliage and landing upside down on the railway tracks.

Train drivers were temporarily told to stay put while emergency services attended the scene.

A Gonville resident who wanted to remain anonymous said he heard screeching brakes, skidding and then a crash.


"There were two Pitzac guys down there. They got him out and he was walking," the man said.

"He looked like he was a bit shaken up, as you'd understand. It's a pretty steep drop down there."

The blue sedan was removed from the tracks by a Front End Log Loader from Pitzac as a tow truck arrived at approximately 1.45pm.

The road remains open and police were talking to witnesses from local businesses to determine what happened.