Concerns boy racer behaviour at a rural Whanganui intersection is putting children's lives in danger has prompted council to investigate what can be done to fix the problem.

Rachel Stewart told Whanganui district councillors that Rapanui Rd and Francis Rd in Westmere had become an "endless parade of boy racers".

"I want it on record that you know there's a possibility that a child could die here," Ms Stewart said at Tuesday's council meeting.

Westmere School, which sits on the intersection, was in the firing line, she said.


"Yesterday a car slid around that corner while kids were going to school. You can also see the tyre tracks there.

"Some of the things I've seen on this road would make your hair curl."

Councillors voted to investigate how traffic safety could be managed on the intersection after Ms Stewart said at council's public forum it had to do what it could.

"You can say it's a police problem, and partly it is, but I would argue as a ratepayer you're there to look after my interests, the [council] prayer just said that."

Ms Stewart said it was to her "incredible amazement" the speed limit on the two roads was not lowered to 80km/h when other rural roads were in council's recent review of its speed bylaw.

"What the hell were you thinking?

"There's the first thing and that's something you can do."

"[Then] there's surveillance cameras, there's signage that says you're being surveilled. That would change the behaviour."

Westmere School principal Phil Walker agreed there were concerns about the intersection and said he would be happy to talk to the council.

"We'd love to have a conversation because we do believe it could be better," he said.

"I've seen some near misses and I've seen too many cars going too fast and too many people not being observant enough."

Whanganui Mayor Hamish McDouall said he had wanted the speed limit in the area to be lowered last year.

"But I didn't win that one and democracy's a beautiful thing," he said.

Council's report will take about two months to complete.