At the level 4 stage of the Covid-19 emergency, an Integrated Recovery Team was established to support the communities of Whanganui, Rangitikei, and south Ruapehu.

Now it is surveying the community about needs and experiences in the region post-Covid-19.

The 16-question survey asks what worked well during the response, what could have been done better, and what the lockdown experience was like for people.

It also asks whether council and health services that may have stopped during alert levels 3 and 4 should be reconsidered and which ones may need to change or stop, as well as any general feedback and ideas about recovery.


Recovery manager Leighton Toy said while face-to-face engagement with businesses and community groups remains ongoing, the team wants general public feedback from anyone across the region who would like to have a say.

"We are guided as a recovery team about what the community needs and what we need to do collectively to get there," Toy said.

"The feedback we get will help us plan for social, economic, health, wellness, environmental, and cultural recovery."

The link can be found at

All information collected is anonymous and will be used only for reporting and demographic information, or for following up if required.

The survey closes on Friday, June 12.

The Integrated Recovery Team is a collaborative group made up of Whanganui District Health Board, Whanganui District Council, Rangitikei District Council, Ruapehu District Council, Whanganui Regional Health Network, Te Ranga Tupua and supporting agencies.