A hole in one ... While some people try for one of these all their lives, Doug Walters has had two in the last three months.

The 11th hole at Whangamatā's Titoki Course is a par 3 and rated the easiest hole on the course — but don't be fooled. You can't be left or you're in the creek, you can't be long or you're in the same creek and don't go right cause there's a big hole there. Doug went straight up the middle, one bounce — in!

With a shout from the club and a $200 prize from Smoky Pallet, Doug's Christmases are all coming at once.

Doug built a putting green in his front yard in Whangamatā but says he hasn't needed the practice on that.


He cannot, unfortunately, share with readers the secret to his hole in one success.

"I wish I knew then I wouldn't be playing golf socially in Whangamatā, I'd be overseas playing!" he says.

It's his third hole in one, with his first 30 years ago. He's been chasing it since, and feels very lucky.

"I've got a friend who said he's played for 54 years and never had one. I saw them all go in and for those that you're playing with, it's exciting for them too."