Feeling totally free. The feeling of the air, sun, breeze on your body. Nowhere else can you feel totally free, without the constraints of clothing. Imagine swimming in the pool without that uncomfortable bathing suit, then getting out of the pool without that wet, soggy suit clinging to your skin. Then lying in the sun and getting a tan without those unsightly tan lines. As you walk around, your dried off naturally by the sun and breezes, what a wonderful feeling.

Body acceptance. Being accepted for who you are, not how you dress, your shape or size, or your walk in life. None of us have the, so called, "perfect body". We are all normal everyday people. The media and advertising that we are constantly bombarded with, has created a stigmatism, of what people should look like. They constantly tell and show us how women and men should look. But how many people do you know that look like the people in the ads on TV or in magazines? Not that many. You will not be judged or looked at differently for how you look. Naturists come in all shapes, sizes, races, ages, and physical conditions.

Self Esteem. Through nudism, you'll find greater self esteem. From the first time you are accepted for who you are, and you realize that it doesn't matter how you look, you'll begin to feel more self confident and empowered. This feeling is often carried off into everyday life, in the textile world. You will probably begin to feel better about yourself altogether. In some cases job performance may increase, you may do better in school, and find easier to get along with others.

Friendly people. Naturists are some of the friendliest and open people on earth. When our clothes come off, social barriers also come down. People open up, and begin communicating with others, that they may have never considered talking to in a clothed situation. No longer can you tell what a person does for a living, their economic status, or their walk in life, simply by how they dress.


Doctors, lawyers, construction workers, educators, even clergy are now all on an equal basis. Just think, if you are at any clothed activity, who would you be likely to talk to, based on other people's appearance? After you've answered that question, now think about this. Which type of world would you rather live in? One where people are afraid to communicate with others based on pre-conceived ideas of what a person is like by how they are dressed? Or one where everybody is accepted for who they are, their personality, and how they treat others.

Families in Nudism. Many people that participate in naturist activities do so as a family. It is not uncommon to see several generations enjoying nudism together. Families that participate in nudism together seem to develop stronger family ties and values.

Children and Nudism. Is this a good environment for my children? Actually, yes. Children raised in nudism grow up with greater self esteem, and less likely to confuse nudity with sex. They grow up without bodily shame, have a greater understanding of human anatomy, and understand that the body is not something to be ashamed of, and it becomes less of a taboo to experiment with. Thus, they have fewer instances of teen pregnancy, std's, and criminal behavior. Children also are the most natural on naturists; they only learn that the body is something to be ashamed of and covered up from their parents, who tell them to cover up. Children also seem to be very well protected in a naturist atmosphere. They are not only there with their parents, but have around them their peers and adults that see nudity in a healthy and non-sexual way.

Naturists, by their very nature, are very respectful of others, friendly people. We enjoy doing the same things as does anyone else, just without the constraint of clothing. We are welcoming on newcomers, and hope you'll join us to find out what you've been missing...

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