A Christmas ham, mince pies and pavlova are the ingredients to a classic Kiwi Christmas lunch.

But for the Tauranga Community Foodbank, 33,000 eggs and 7.5 tonnes of potatoes are just some of the necessities for feeding those in need.

Foodbank manager Nicki Goodwin has created a wishlist as donations begin to pour in for the annual Christmas Appeal - and on top of the list this year is baking supplies.

"That is our most commonly asked for item. It makes their parcel go further because they can make all sorts of things to feed their family."


This year Goodwin said the foodbank was buying frozen chickens to include in the parcels because she was always looking at ways to make the parcels as nutritious, tasty and healthy as possible.

But another "massive hit" was fruit and vegetables.

"We let people take what they need for their families because that is one of the foods people cannot afford to buy.

"Anything is welcome. We have a big chiller to store everything in and nothing goes to waste."

Already, Goodwin said the foodbank was "beyond crazy" with the demand for food parcels increasing by 45 per cent in the past three months and a jump in the number of people directly approaching the foodbank.

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And she knew it was only going to get busier, but said the items on the wishlist would make a world of difference.

"It is so appreciated, if only the general public could see how grateful our clients are.


"There is such a look of surprise and excitement on their faces when they get something unexpected. Especially the parents if it is something that relates to children like biscuits or muesli bars.

"It is something they consider to be an extra they are probably struggling to buy themselves."

Another item on the wishlist was recyclable bags, such as the brown paper bags from supermarkets, which made it easier to pack the parcels.

In the past 12 months the foodbank gave out 5578 food parcels to 15,636 people.

Tauranga Community Foodbank Wishlist
Canned tuna and salmon
Canned vegetables
Baking supplies such as baking powder, icing sugar, cocoa
Sauces and dressings
Jellies and puddings
Cake mixes
Pasta or rice
Personal care items, women's sanitary items, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, razors
Baby nappies - larger sizes
Christmas treats such as mince pies, Christmas puddings
Pet food