The rates bill for the average Tauranga home will go up $101 from July 1.

Tauranga City Council has today adopted its Annual Plan for 2018-19.

The average residential rates rise will be 3.9 per cent, plus 0.4 per cent for the glass collection service introduced at the end of 2018.

It was unchanged from the draft Annual Plan, in spite of an influx of funding demands for new projects (such as a contribution to a pump track in Arataki) and over-budget projects (including $1m extra for the Kulim Park redevelopment).


The increase is half the 7.5 per cent that was predicted when the council signed off its 10-year plan just last year.

Some councillors saw that halving as a win for ratepayers, while others saw it as an example of the city failing to invest in the increasing needs of a growing city.

Meanwhile, some commercial ratepayers may see a decrease in their rates.

The change for the average valued $2m property will be -1 per cent.

Higher value commercial ratepayers will see increases, however including a 4 per cent jump for those valued over $2.26m and 10 per cent for those over $7.1m.

Rates increase by property value

$350,000: $19
$550,000: $79
$650,000: $95
$730,000: $101
$1,000,000: $137
$1,250,000: $163
$1,500,000: $177
$2,000,000: $265
$3,000,000: $404