A Papamoa College student's shower daydreams have blossomed into an award-winning short film about sustainability.

Jessica Arlund, 14, entered the Outlook for Someday film challenge and picked up the Secondary Performance Winner award for her film Time Capsule.

Prizewinners from around the country were flown to Auckland to attend the red carpet awards ceremony at St Matthews-in-the-City earlier this month.

The challenge called for young people, aged 24 and under, to create a film on the theme of sustainability. This year's competition attracted 133 entries and found 20 winners in a variety of categories.


The poignant short film featured scenes from New Zealand, Copenhagen, Thailand and Vietnam, along with a voiceover by Jessica that contemplates what will be left for future generations in the midst of climate change and consumerism.

Jessica's concept for her film began as a thought that popped into her mind when she was in the shower. She shelved the concept for a couple of months, before deciding to pursue it in September last year for the competition.

She is also an avid photographer and discovered the Outlook for Someday challenge when while searching online for photography competitions.

The inspiration behind the project came from the budding film-maker's day-to-day life.

"Once you start looking, you see it all around you," she said.

The Outlook for Someday website described Arlund's winning film as "a sobering reflection on the consequences of our disposable habits and the impact this may have for future generations."

The judges called Jessica "wise beyond her years," said Anna Clements, Outlook for Someday challenge spokeswoman.

The purpose of the challenge was to "draw out and nurture filmmakers" so each film-maker is given feedback from the judges to help them with their future work.

However, the challenge was open to artists from all areas and this year the talent on offer included spoken word poetry and drama pieces.

Participants were just passionate about sustainability and used film as a way to channel that.