Global fashion retailer H&M will open its first Tauranga store next year.

The multinational Swedish clothing-retail company, known for its affordable fashion, will be one of the 80 additional stores at Tauranga Crossing set to open in April 2019.

Daniel Lattemann, the chain's country sales manager for New Zealand, said the new Tauranga store will be the fifth H&M store to open in the country.

"Tauranga is the perfect location for H&M," Lattemann said. "There is a big population and the area grows quite quickly. There is lots of potential."


Lattemann said creative, affordable fashion for everyone was what attracted people to the brand.

The retail giant opened its first New Zealand store at Auckland's Sylvia Park in 2016 and had since opened four others in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

The shop openings across the country have attracted massive crowds and Lattemann expected hundreds of shoppers to line up at the doors when the new Tauranga store opened.

"It is super exciting. It will be a big celebration," he said. "We are excited to be part of the Tauranga community."

Pictured: Staff celebrate the most recent opening at the Commercial Bay flagship store. Photo / Supplied
Pictured: Staff celebrate the most recent opening at the Commercial Bay flagship store. Photo / Supplied

Lattemann said the Tauranga H&M store will recruit about 50 jobs including store manager, department manager, visual merchandisers and sale advisors.

He said retail was a competitive industry and he was excited to be bringing a new business to the Tauranga community.

"Competition creates business for everyone," he said.

Tauranga Crossing chief executive Steve Lewis said the international fashion retailer will be a "big drawcard".


"Their decision to open a store at Tauranga Crossing further reinforces the growth of the region and Tauranga Crossing as the pre-eminent retail destination in the Bay of Plenty," he said.

Lewis expected hundreds of people to line up on opening day following huge interest from customers wanting an H&M store in the Bay.

Tauranga Chamber of Commerce chief executive Stan Gregec said the retail giant was a "huge coup" for Tauranga and a vote of confidence in the city's retail and economic future.

"H&M is a massive name in world retail. You tend to associate their stores with much bigger cities," he said.

Gregec said the fact the international retailer had chosen to open a store in Tauranga showed the retail sector was extremely competitive.

"It also shows that Tauranga is well and truly on the map," he said.

"It's also good news for smaller niche businesses who are able to move with the times and strongly differentiate themselves from the mass brands."

Priority One projects manager Annie Hill said Tauranga has had strong population growth in the last five years, supported by unprecedented levels of job growth and business growth.

"This has underpinned the expansion of the retail sector and the attraction of internationally recognised brands such as H&M."

Hill said investment decisions in the retail sector had to consider many factors, including future population growth in the next few decades to determine the return on investment.

"The decision for H&M to open a store in Tauranga bodes very well for the future prospects of the city."

- The first H&M store opened in the Swedish city Västerås in 1947
- There are four existing New Zealand stores
- The first Kiwi H&M store opened in October 2016 at Sylvia Park, Auckland
- The Crossing, Christchurch and Queensgate, Wellington followed in late 2017
- The flagship opened in August this year at Commercial Bay, Auckland CBD
- There are 4800 international H&M stores across 71 markets

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