The issue raised by Chris Doms in Saturday November 10, Bay of Plenty Times, of whether the public can walk on the low tide in front of people's houses or on the front of their properties in Forrester Drive in Welcome Bay, pales into insignificance against wider and more pressing issues.

Excellent letters have recently been published, the latest by E. Orsulich (Letters, November 13) suggesting the use of rail transportation connecting Katikati, Omokoroa, Tauranga and Te Puke to transport commuters and freight alike.

Wide-ranging benefits would follow such as decongesting our roads, reducing fatalities, and air pollution, while stimulating local economic growth and development.

These benefits for the whole community need to take priority over small side issues.


Dr Meg Butler
Welcome Bay


Re Airport parking charges (Local News, November 3)

Sometimes we wonder at the greed of local bodies.

Recent details of increased airport charges and penalties have just gone through the roof.

Imagine someone who has inadvertently just lost their parking ticket after simply dropping someone off at the airport. The new penalty for a lost ticket has just risen from $50 to $90.

I recall once at Auckland Airport I somehow managed to lose my ticket. In those days the penalty there was $25 which was also a large sum, then.

I argued for over an hour and said I could prove how long I was parked for, because there would be an arrival video which was timed.


Long story short I was excused from paying, but it was such a hassle. It turned out that the ticket which I placed on my dashboard, had slid down the dashboard into an air ventilation slot at the edge of the windscreen.

But, honestly - $90? Is this how you will pay for the new terminal?

Maybe I will bring a tandem bicycle next time just in case. The suitcase does have wheels too.

Laurie Sanders