Information needed

The public is constantly seeing stories about the ongoing New Zealand road toll.

Some roads are more badly afflicted, such as the SH2 between Bethlehem and Waihi. I find it incredible that so many crashes are head-on. The police Serious Crash Unit is often occupied for many hours investigating these crashes, especially the fatal ones.

What I find concerning is that, after detailed reporting on these crashes in the paper, little or no feedback is afforded to the public regarding the SCU's conclusions on the reasons for these crashes.


Surely, some feedback to the public by the police on their conclusions for these crashes will go a long way towards the public understanding of their causes. So assisting towards appropriate planning measures for prevention of future carnage.

Why do we need to be kept in the dark?

Chris Pattison

On the mark

I never had much time for Peter Williams with his sport-orientated opinions, but he has hit the nail on the head with politicians. Transport Minister Phil Twyford ought to front up about this road into Tauranga Northern Link being put on the back burner (on the never ever plan).

Doesn't he realise that if you restrict access to the Port of Tauranga, it's going to cost the whole country millions of dollars, not just the National Party-held electorate of Tauranga? This is a very slippery slope indeed. And you wonder why politicians are well down the list of people trusted. You have to ask yourself what goes on in their minds to try to pull the wool over our eyes. (Abridged)

Gavin Muir