Tauranga students are cramming in their last few hours of study before NCEA exams start this week.

A total 8815 Bay of Plenty students will sit their end of year examinations from tomorrow and 445 are taking New Zealand Scholarship exams.

This year, 42 Otumoetai College students will sit some of their NCEA exams on digital devices as the New Zealand Qualifications Authority works towards having NCEA exams available online.

Otumoetai College Year 13 student Nicole Cameron is sitting 10 exams.

The 17-year-old's exam timetable includes five Level 3 NCEA examinations and five Scholarship exams for each of her subjects, which include English, calculus, geography, chemistry and physics.


First up is scholarship calculus on Thursday.

"I am feeling a bit nervous but excited for it to be over," she said. "I like the challenge of exams."

Cameron said she had been preparing for her exams during the last couple of months.

Her study tips include writing a to-do list, set goals, to have study breaks and "make it fun".

"I prefer to study on my own because you can work at your own pace and you can figure out what you need to work on."

Cameron had gained all of the NCEA credits needed to pass the year, but she hoped to get at least three of the five scholarships.

"It will be a good feeling of achievement and to know that I have worked hard," she said.

George Robinson, 18, is sitting 6 exams this year. Photo/George Novak
George Robinson, 18, is sitting 6 exams this year. Photo/George Novak

Otumoetai College Year 13 student George Robinson said he dedicated four hours each day to his studies.


The 18-year-old was sitting six exams - three Level 3 NCEA exams and three scholarship - chemistry, physics and statistics.

Robinson said he had been reading over past exam papers and scheduling study time into his daily routine.

"I am feeling a little bit nervous," he said. His tip to calm the nerves was "just do it".

Otumoetai College principal Russell Gordon wished all of his students the best of luck for their end of year exams.

"All I want is for the students to give it their best," he said. "If achieved is their best, we will celebrate that as much as we will of anybody who achieves excellence."

NZQA deputy chief executive Kristine Kilkelly said about 140,000 students were preparing for 120 exam sessions this year - about 8000 students will be sitting NCEA exams online.

"Our recent evaluation shows that nearly all survey responses from students, who have taken part in a digital exam, preferred an online exam rather than written exams," she said.

"This is reflected in participation in this year's NCEA exams online, with a 60 per cent increase in participation compared to 2017."

NCEA exams:

- 8815 Bay of Plenty students will sit exams

- 445 Bay students will sit scholarship exams

- 140,000 students nationwide will sit exams

- 8000 students nationwide will sit exams online