Elise Oxenham has just one lunchtime at school each week that isn't filled with an activity. After-schools and weekends are pretty booked up too.

On Mondays, Elise has hockey practice - the 15-year-old plays goalie and right wing.

On Tuesdays, she volunteers at the cub group in Te Puke to complete her Duke of Edinburgh - a youth achievement award for 14 to 24-year-olds

Youth Philharmonic Tauranga orchestra practice is on Wednesdays - Elise plays trombone and saxophone.


It is back to hockey practice on Thursdays and air pistol shooting is squeezed in on Fridays.

Elise won the Junior Women's Sports Pistol and the Women's Sports Pistol champion at the Tauranga Pistol Club's inaugural international Sports Shooting Federation pistol tournament earlier this month.

She was also awarded the Tournament Rookie of the Year, highest intermediate score and gold medal for being a member of the winning intermediate Aquinas College team in the McMillan Cup tournament last September.

But a full after-school calendar doesn't bother Elise.

"It keeps me busy and I enjoy it," she said. "It just gives me something to do because otherwise I am at home and I don't know what to do."

In the summer, Elise is a volunteer lifeguard and the coming school holidays will be filled with performing arts and shooting competitions.

"Everything slots in quite nicely," Elise said. "I don't have much spare time on some days.

The weekends are sometimes are booked. I only have one free lunchtime at school at the moment out of the five days."


The busy teenager had the odd calendar clash.

"I try to squeeze it in, but Mum sometimes says 'no, it is too hard'."

Elise listened once and dropped choir, but then picked up Scouts.

The Aquinas College student does get downtime most days.

"It is not necessarily for ages but I do get some downtime, maybe an hour or two," Elise said. "That is usually enough."

In her spare time, Elise practises trombone, saxophone and shooting and homework.

The third eldest sibling of four planned to get her drivers' licence as soon as she could so she could relieve her mother of driving duties.

After finishing school, Elise plans to study engineering at Auckland University. "Because then I am still local to all of the [pistol] competitions," she said.

Monday: Hockey practice
Tuesday: Volunteering at the cub group
Wednesday: Orchestra practice
Thursday: Hockey practice
Friday: Air pistol shooting
Saturday and Sunday: The odd competition and more shooting, saxophone and trombone practise