I watched a television show about tiny houses at the weekend and found myself drawn to the idea of de-cluttering and living a more simple lifestyle.

I watched as a family of five downsized from a home that measured about 3000sq m to one that was 300sq m.

The tiny home carpenters built a very efficient home, with space, privacy and multiple uses key factors in the planning.

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It was all very intriguing and my children, aged 9 and 10, were just as intrigued as I was and asked if we could build, and live in one as well.

This got me thinking about all the "things and stuff" I have filled my home with.

Could I live without much of it? Is it imperative to have a spare room? How does the more often than not unused drum kit add value to my life? "Yes", "No" and "It' doesn't" were the answers.

I've only been back in New Zealand nine months and in that time I have over-filled a home with many things that haven't been used once since arriving.

How unnecessarily excessive!

I love the idea of having a home as a space to simply live in while encouraging the idea of enjoying the outdoors more, being more active and living with the things you truly need, rather than want.

Of course, it is nice to have "things" but people can - myself included - get wrapped up in the ideals of having a materialistic existence.

The more I think about it, the more beneficial I believe a simplified life will be - the biggest pro being having more time in general - and I can't come up with any negatives with it.

The family on the television show I watched seemed to be more free in general with their change and it was definitely appealing.

My life can definitely be simplified.