Fertiliser all the way from Scandinavia has been converted into $2000 worth of groceries for the Tauranga Community Foodbank thanks to a real team effort.

Ballance Agri-Nutrients donated the fertiliser to the Greerton Lions Club, which divided it into bags and sold them for $5 each.

"We have done this because we are Lions from the Greerton Lions Club and we are here to serve our community," president of the club, Fiona Fowlie, said.

Armed with the $2000 they raised, Fowlie said the Lions approached Countdown Fraser Cove.


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Charlotte and her nanny Lyn are the sweet treat angels of foodbank

"They were excellent; they gave us a really good deal on it - a good discount. That discount money went back into buying more groceries. They went out of their way to help us and I was really impressed with them."

Fowlie said other Lions clubs in Tauranga could do something similar.

"They should. Come on all the Lions members - if we can do this, so can you," she said.

"I'm just proud of our club, I really am. I just love doing this because I know so many people are going to benefit."

Aaron Goudie from Ballance, a farmer-owned co-operative with its head office in Mount Maunganui, said it was farmers from around New Zealand contributing to the foodbank as opposed to just a company.

"We always look for worthy causes to give back to the community where Ballance can, on behalf of its farmer shareholders."

Foodbank trustee and volunteer Laura Mueller said the generosity shown by all of the people and companies involved was amazing.

"This will have a significant impact and especially going into Christmas ... this will be a huge help."

The Greerton Lions Club asked for the foodbank's wish list and bought items that were needed the most.

It also supplied the foodbank with a $100 voucher for Countdown Fraser Cove so it could get anything else it needed.

Mueller said the donated goods would help people in need all around the city and region.

"It's right across Tauranga and the surrounding areas - there is no boundaries."

And standing outside the Greerton Community Hall alongside Fowlie, Goudie and members of the Greerton Lions, Mueller said it was a perfect example of how the foodbank worked and survived.

"You see and meet the people that you help and you see and meet the people who are giving. It's fabulous."