British High Commissioner Jonathan Sinclair says Tauranga businesses could thrive through a Free Trade Agreement between New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Mr Sinclair, who is Wellington-based at the British High Commission in New Zealand, helps to develop relationships between the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

He was in Tauranga yesterday discussing trade opportunities with Tauranga Mayor Greg Brownless and Tauranga business owners. He also spoke with Tauranga MP Simon Bridges.

He said the main reason for his visit was to discuss Brexit and the business opportunities Tauranga could take advantage of through a New Zealand and United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement.


There's a real thirst for information," Mr Sinclair said.

Tauranga's agriculture and horticulture industries were strong but Mr Sinclair said they could be strengthened through new "opportunities that will arise" through an agreement, which could see the two countries working together for better productivity, investment and more.

Infrastructure and transport were particularly obvious areas which could improve through a business relationship, particularly with a major port in the city, but technology companies had been seen to thrive.

"I would envisage those sorts of areas would continue to grow."

Mr Sinclair encouraged more Tauranga businesses to look into opportunities in the business-friendly United Kingdom because of the many benefits such as innovation and excellent communications.

With the introduction of a new government, Mr Sinclair was not concerned of any disruptions to building stronger business relationships between New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

He said relationships had grown under National and he believed they would continue to grow under a Labour-led government and Prime Minister-in-waiting Jacinda Ardern.

"Our top priority is the Free Trade Agreement ... we know the government will be supportive of that," he said.

Top reasons businesses should consider a relationship with the United Kingdom:
The business culture is both friendly and innovative
Fantastic communications networks
Lowest corporation tax in the G20
The proximity to 400 million customers across Europe