A cheeky, frisky billy goat named Fizz is on the hunt for a new home in the Bay of Plenty.

His owner, Leo Murray, has listed Fizz on Trade Me after realising he wasn't able to spend enough time with the larger-than-life animal.

In a lighthearted listing, Murray describes the "hard case" 2-and-a-half-year-old goat as a "biological lawnmower and scrub clearer, equipped with organic fertiliser pellet dispenser add-on".

"Responding to Fizz, Fizzah and Fizzy Fizzy Bang Bang, this Billy Goat has a sweet goatee and dreads," the listing read.


Fizz has never been neutered, so he has a bit of a one-track mind, Murray said.

"Billy goats are a bit tricky, you have to really want them. They get tangled and they get frustrated and they're always thinking about sex."

Murray described Fizz as a cross between Bob Marley and Tom Jones: "He's chill sometimes just jamming in the paddock chewing the herb, but when it's time to get down, he's a next-level sex bomb".

He said he hoped someone with a large bit of fenced land could take Fizz so he could lead a free-range life.

Fizz the horny billy goat needs a new home. Photo/Ruth Keber
Fizz the horny billy goat needs a new home. Photo/Ruth Keber

Fizz was tethered at Murray's place in Te Puna, just outside Tauranga.

Murray realised about six months ago he had less and less time to look after his animals as his sustainability consultancy Why Waste began to take off.

Unsuccessful shout-outs to on Facebook to get Fizz adopted led Murray to try Trade Me, which would have a wider reach.

He said he wanted the ad to show off Fizz's unique personality.


"I want to honour the goat, so I made it a bit funny," Murray said.

"I thought if I can present the fact that this goat has a real personality, then maybe someone who appreciates that personality will find a new home for him."

Fizz the billy goat with Leo Murray. Photo/Ruth Keber
Fizz the billy goat with Leo Murray. Photo/Ruth Keber

Murray wasn't fussed how much Fizz went for, he just wanted to find him a loving home with people who had time to spend with him.

Goats needed company and ideally Fizz's new home would have other goats already living there, he said.

Murray said he thought Fizz's skills could be good for someone struggling with invasive weeds on their land.

"He's really good at eating blackberry. I remember last blackberry season he'd eat all the leaves and leave all the berries - it was great."

Responses to the listing so far had been positive, and many people are telling Murray they loved his tongue-in-cheek description.

Murray said he was happy people were enjoying the auction.

"If it brings a smile to people's lives - that's just what this goat does, he's real hard case."