I'm not prepared for a natural disaster - the only time I ever have been is when a flatmate took it upon herself to set up a flat emergency survival kit.

It seems I'm not alone.

An unofficial Bay of Plenty Times street survey found only nine of 30 people had an emergency survival kit ready to go.

Residents spoken to by the Rotorua Daily Post after the earthquake also admitted to not being prepared.


I assure myself we could get by for a few days on the contents of our pantry if we had to. We have quite a stash of soup, baked beans, spaghetti and instant noodles.

Water would be a problem though. If the water was cut off we would be left with little to drink.

Every time we have a natural disaster I come away thinking I should do something about it - fill up a few bottles of water at the very least.

Days later I've decided the chance of a devastating natural disaster is low and there's little point.

I really should have learnt better than that by now.

I'm sure a lot of Christchurch residents thought the same thing before the first big one hit and I'd bet many Kaikoura folk were in the same boat until Monday. Now they'll be wishing they were more prepared.

There's no telling where might be next or just how bad the situation could become so there is merit to the pleas from Civil Defence to be prepared.

It is a good idea and one we should all jump aboard - it's the blase, it'll never happen to me attitude that I and many Kiwis are guilty of.
I'm seriously thinking about stockpiling some water in case the big one does ever hit the Bay. Throwing a torch, batteries, matches, toilet paper and some paracetamol into a plastic bag ready to go also seems sensible and would save precious minutes in an emergency.

Maybe this time I'll actually do it.