Ingrid Jellick

One of New Zealand's longest-standing mayors, John Forbes has been re-elected to his sixth term at Opotiki District Council.

John Forbes said his team will be focusing their efforts on the harbour project, meeting the community's needs, and building a town that people want to come and live in.

"The top priority for Opotiki and myself is our harbour entrance project. We've been working on it for about 10 years. It's going to enable a $200 million investment into the aquaculture industry and will create a lot of jobs and a lot of economy and secure the future of this community," Mr Forbes said.


Prior to the election Mr Forbes attempted to discourage local mayoral candidate Les Keane from standing for mayor to avoid the costs of an election for the council.

However, Mr Forbes says he regrets the decision.

"I think we all have a rush of blood to the head from time to time and that's certainly a good one. I think that candidate was actually a good candidate. And I should never have done that," Mr Forbes said.

He says he agrees that people in the region should be given the opportunity to choose who they want to serve them as mayor.

"Choosing a mayor in council is a really important decision for a community to make. And having good choice around that is really important," Mr Forbes said

There has been no change in the elected council membership.

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